undergraduate senior project


In 2013, I completed a Senior Thesis Exhibition at Bard College in Studio Arts. The following is the artist statement I wrote to accompany my show:

My string installation is a neutral map of my connections with no emotional attachments. The strings represent my closest connections to, or bridges between, people. This is presented with a series of books of a more personal nature. Even though this map looks at a point frozen in time, I also came to understand more about flux and changing relationships, understanding that relationships always had the potential for change.

I knew that I needed to address the two separate geographic parts of my life, California and New York, and needed to recognize and comprehend their differences. In order to look at the nature of the individual relationships, I added the number of text messages (December 8, 2012 - March 8, 2013) and phone calls (August 8, 2012 - March 8, 2013) I had exchanged with each person on my map. I chose these data sets because whether I was in California or New York, my connection with each person could sill be maintained through a text message or phone call. I did this while demonstrating how close I perceived myself to be with any specific person, given how close each point is physically to the central point inside the room. Ultimately, it became a juxtaposition between how I understood my friendships and how they showed themselves in a tangible reality.

I chose to include the books because they pose a different side of relationships and connections, showing the viewer how I feel about some of my personal interactions, including the interactions I have with myself. The books create a more personal interaction, a much needed break from the neutrality of the installation. It was not only important for me to create the books for a different side of my show, but it was important for me to come to a deeper understanding with some of the subjects I address in my books.