first impressions

The images were chosen as good representations of each of my family members. While making these prints using the photogravure technique, many people asked about who they were, and I began to question who they were as individuals (not as they related to me) as well. I then asked classmates to write their first impressions of the people in the photographs so that I could print them on top of the images. A couple of the texts were written by me, because I felt that the impression I had made on those people in my life were important for me to put on their images, but the majority of the text was written by others. This project was part of my Senior Thesis at Bard, further exploring the concept of relationships to others. 

The images in First Impressions are taken from my family archive.

Photogravure images with white letterpress text on Rives BFK.

8.5" x 11.75"